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More Help for a Newell Reel

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Before you educated us all to the ways of the Newell Reel I had purchased a S540 4.6:1 to use during my occasional cod fishing trip to Mass on the Helen-H. I?ve used the reel a couple times with good results but wish that I had the greater cranking power of the lower geared 3.2:1.

Is there a way to down gear this reel and if so how and where can I get the parts? What do you think the costs would be? Is it worth it?

As always, thanks for the great advice.
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TJL65....i have done a few of these conversions of 500 size newells years ago, switching out the 4.6 gear sets for the 3.2 gear sets. But that was when cost was no object. What you need is:

1-3.2 main and pinion-
1-right side plate that is altered to accept the 3.2 bridge assembly-
1-full bridge assembly-
1-500 series HEAVY DUTY graphite spool with thicker axle-
2-larger bearings-

If you have to purchase this from newell now, you will figure at least $40 for that special spool, at least $50 for the gear set, over $60 for the complete bridge assembly and roughly $25 for the right side plate, and thats without adding 10 apiece for the does not make sense when you have PRO GEAR making some fine cod jigging reels for around $175-225 dollars. What you could do is call Norma, and see if they will exchange your 4.6 right side plate and gear train and install the 3.2 parts, and pay the standard 40 dollar service charge....that might be the best way to do this, if Norma gives the ok.

Like i said, this conversion does not make sense dollar wise, and with the majority of codfish caught being no bigger then 30lbs, the 4.6 gear set works fine. If you really want a 3.2 500 series newell then watch the ebay boards for one....that will be about the cheapest way to obtain this reel.

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