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Spent my weekend in Montauk. Picked over a few short bass in some very inhospitable weather (all fish released). Here are some notes and observations from my trip:

Shagwong Point: Due to recent storm activity, Shagwong is impassable by 4/4. This means you cannot drive to Oyster Pond from Gin Beach. Don't try it! Saw this idiot in a shiny black, late model Jeep Grand Cherokee coming back to gin Beach on Sunday. He must have gone around Shagwong at low tide and now had to haul a#$ at high tide to keep from being washed out. Watched two waves break over his hood. Hope that truck is leased pal!! He almost hit my buddy Rich too!!

Camp Hero: I don't know when it became common practice to leave the gate open before dawn, but I find it absolutely appalling. It doesn't matter if the whole south shore is un-fishable. Camp Hero is a gem and a boon to the surfcasting community. If we abuse it, we will lose it. Lock the f-ing gate!!! Anybody else feel this way?

Fireline & waterfowl: I realized the fireline and birds don't mix after a turkey sized seagull crashed into my line while I was bait fishing. Over the course of ½ hour, I had work him back into shore and attempt to unravel the fireline knot from his wing. Had a crowd of spectators and I heard several chuckles. I would love to see a video tape of the event, especially to hear my yelps every time the brown SOB pecked me or when his huge wings slapped me in the face. I never had an animal try my patience as much as this guy. No help from Rich either. He ran for the dunes like a little girl.

What I did not see: I did not see schools of large bass crashing bait and happy fisherman towing huge fish to their vehicles. I didn't even see any bait in the water. However, I did not spend any time at the bluffs b/c it was so crowded. Did I miss it? Is the season over? Say it ain't so.
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