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Hello. I am planning on heading out to the point for the first weekend in Oct. Can anyone please advise as to where might be the best place to wet a fly line?

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montauk on the fly

Good advice's a few other tips. Make sure you have holes in your stripping basket...took a few waves up to the chest yesterday (ask sandflee about that one). Bring some rainbait patterns (actually bring a lot). The pluggers weren't doing too well tossing onto the mayhem cause the bass were on 2" anchovies. Of course we couldn't get a cast off being wrapped in mono from people tangling left and right. Also take a drive(permit helps)or walk to the west of the point...less people, calmer conditions and sometimes more fish (ask sandflee about that one too) Don't forget your spikes. Good luck and be careful
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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