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Hello. I am planning on heading out to the point for the first weekend in Oct. Can anyone please advise as to where might be the best place to wet a fly line?

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Fly Fish Montauk

Depends on your casting skills and wind direction. (Always present in Montauk in October). In any event, usually around Colombus Day Albies are well pronounced and make passes within casting range along Gin Beach and Shagwong. Take East Lake Drive to end and park before the No Parking Signs. Blues as well as Bass sometimes show as well. Don't count out the Jetties themesleves as Albies rush them this time of year almost daily at some point of the day. I've even seen them come in the harbor all the way to Gosmans. Also the areas just west of the lighthouse are usually pretty reliable. Turtle cove on the ocean side is an easier beach to cast as long as the wind is not out of the south too much. Gets crowded though. Paths along the north side of the lighthouse will take you to productive areas as well. Take along deceivers, clousers, and the like. Don't count out topwater stuff though. I've done well with Crease flies among the melay. Good Luck

Yes Rocktrout, Gin Beach is at the end of East Lake Drive. There are jetties on both sides of the inlet. The jetty at the end of East Lake Dr. tends to get more Albie action, and the beach adjacent to it is Gin. Named for bootlegging the libation back during prohibition. Out at Montuak the general rule is incoming-south side, outgoing north. Good Luck.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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