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montauk surf fishing info needed

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Hi All
i have posted this in the surf section but i have always got the answers i want for here so here goes. can anyone tell me where i can fish montauk beaches? i have 4x4 but not the equipment or the permits needed to drive the beaches so what i am looking for is spots i can park and maybe walk a short distance. either north or south side or lighthouse. thank you and good fishing Dave
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Ton of spots

South side

After you pass Amagansett, there is a turnoff for the Hither Hills campground which is also a beach. Driving into Montauk on the main road, there is an IGA supermarket on the right. Behind it are steps up to the beach. You can park anywhere in town to access this area. A couple blocks down, there is a traffic circle. Turn right into the circle and make another right towards the beach/Royal Atlantic motel. That's the town beach and next to Freddie's BT. Back to the main road, a couple blocks further down is Johnny's BT. Again you will see that you can make a right and head to the beach. Straight past Johnny's is the way to the point. About 5 miles of straight road driving with a huge potential to hit deer. On the way you see a turnoffs for Ditch Plains. You can park at Ditch with a permit from your motel. Continue on, you see the traffic circle for the lighthouse area. Go to the far side of the upper parking lot. Cross the street and continue backwards about 100 feet. There is a path that goes to Turtle Cove aka Tourist Cove. Rear of the other parking lot where the RV's park, is another path to Turtle Cove. Thus concludes our tour of easy access to the South side.

Same parking lots, there are a number of other paths that take you to the Bluffs/Scotts/Lighthouse area, Jones reef and False Bar area. That give you easy access all the way to North Bar and Clark's Cove. Maybe a 15 minute walk.

There is a pavilion with a gift shop, a view of Weakfish Rock and a opportunity to see the many daytime blitzes. By far the most accessible surf fishing within several hundred miles, it can get very crowded.

Back towards town, there is a turnoff for the airport aka East Lake Drive. Follow that all the way to Gin Beach. Which has a jetty and is the right side of the Harbor. If you were to start hiking, you'd hit Shagwong on a couple hours and then eventually the Lighthouse. No one hikes it though, they have 4x4's. Again back to town, you see a turnoff for Montauk Downs, that takes you past the golf course and the area with the partyboats. There you will find a beach and the left side of the harbor, again with a jetty.

Don't park in anyone's driveway.

Don't hit a deer.

Bring pencil poppers.

Wear Korkers.

90%+ fish within a mile or 2 of the Lighthouse.

These are the best known spots. People tend to freak out when they see anything more than this in print. Sorry.
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