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montauk surf fishing info needed

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Hi All
i have posted this in the surf section but i have always got the answers i want for here so here goes. can anyone tell me where i can fish montauk beaches? i have 4x4 but not the equipment or the permits needed to drive the beaches so what i am looking for is spots i can park and maybe walk a short distance. either north or south side or lighthouse. thank you and good fishing Dave
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come on guys!
someone help me. i only get there once every few years it is not like i am going to catch all the fish. well maybe
thanks and good fishing
Thank you Skatemaster
that is alot of info. I will put it to good use. again i count on "ask the pros" for the answers i need. again thanks and good fishing and to all the guys that offered to fish with me i would have to stay a month. your the best. Dave
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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