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This has fustrated me quite a bit also. The marine forcasts ( don't usually give mush info past 48 hours.

Looking at the storm which should hit tonight or tomorrow, you may want to reschedual. The winds will shift to the north and be rather gusty (20-30kts). You may end up stuck in Lake Montauk since getting out of the lake can be rather ruff in a strong north or west wind (been there) against the tide.

If you decide to give it a try anyways, lake montauk should have some flounder (season open?) and perhaps some bass if you know the spots.

Better off going another weekend. But that's my opinion if I was planning a trip like yours which I have in the past.

When the winds shift north the south shore may be fishable close in but still I would expect large swells.

Good Luck if you go. The site I gave you you can also access the sea bouys and get an idea whats going on.

Capt. Marc
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