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montauk charter fleet honors 9/11 families

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the fisherman has a great article about the montauk charter fleet and how they banned together and brought the families of those lost 9/11 on a fishing outing,it entailed 33 charter boats and many many volunteers and is a MUST read
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Saw it

I just read the article and I thought it was a nice thing to do. A lot of people chipped in and made it a nice day for the families and brought a lot of smiles to the children who lost there Mom or Dad in that terrible act.

I think we all can learn from this act of kindness. We all complain sometimes how terrible the fishing is or the boat is not running right or whatever comes to mind, but reading that article and seeing the happy faces on those poor kids brought a tear to my eye.

I realize that it was done by a different publication but that doesn't really matter if you look at the article. BOTTOM LINE it was for the kids and hopefully they will never forget the support of all the Capt's. of the boats and the local community who helped them have a good day.

May God watch over them and a Great Job from all the people involved.

Bill (baywatch)
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