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Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?

This is not an admonishment or any form of complaint. It so happens that the posts above are extremely useful and the type of information that I'm sure many members come here to find. However, I thought this was "A forum where we can keep you updated on new features of the site, and you can voice your questions, problems and suggestions for". If the topics aren't kept somewhat true to form, eventually all will get muddled into one mass of confusing mayhem. Please don't take this the wrong way, but it's important to keep the discussions accurate in order to maintain the ease of use enabling the easy access of information and the development of topics and to maintain high user involvement and interest. I am not one of the board's hierarchy, but I have seen too many good boards fall by the wayside as interest declined because they became confusing masses of disconnected comments and dissertations. I'm sure most agree with me that this is a great board and Noreast & Co. are doing an outstanding job in providing us with a venue and "tweaking" it to our needs and wants. Let's do our part and try to utilize it in a way that will enable it to grow and become more and more interesting and informative. I know I've gone on a bit too much about this and maybe it's a bit overkill, but it's in my belief an important point.
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