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Togmaster is right. The Albright is very rough going through the guides. I trim the leader tag end very close to prevent hangups. The double uni works very well with Power Pro, but I have had failures with it while using Fireline. Since I use both lines, I just use the knot that works for both. I also find the double uni difficult to tie a 40# flouro leader to 30# Power Pro, so that is why I use the Albright there as well. The double line Albright is a pain to tie correctly, but it is very strong when it is done right.

Special-K, what brand of line are you going to be using and what pound test is the line and leader going to be.

itsclassicto, it sounds like you are tying the "ultimate all purpose knot" (LOL).


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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