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Rigging my AVET LX up to one of the LEP Sticks from BASS PRO SHOPS.

Seeing this is a Graphite Stick, think I'm going straight Mono.

Want to Spool with 30# Test.

Any Recommendations on on what Manufacturer would be best.

This is going to be my NEW BASS ROD.

Thanks for any leads.

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You bet I do -

But it depends on what you want to do with that outfit.

For general use - like drifting eels or fishing with weights, I think that Berkeley Big Game is tough to beat - and priced right for a premium-performing line.

But for "Finesse" fishing - like drifting unweighted clam bellies back in a slick - then I have found my new dream line - Suffix DNA.

I've written about this before - I went up to the Suffern show specifically to talk to all the line reps and after looking and touching all the big players - I think this new DNA is just the best of the lot. No real memory, a slight tension lays it right out without loops, co-polymer construction so its tough as nials on abrasion and available in clear - if that's what you want, which I do need fishing up in shallow water during the day.

Its a little tough to come by locally - Long Island shops are sometimes not exactly cutting-edge on this kind of thing but you can internet mail order it from a buncha places - I bought mine from "Meltzers" in New Joisey while at the show. And not really expensive for a new premium line either, by the way.

Those are my choices in mono - but there are tons of others - I just don't see the need for any others given my intended uses.

rgds, Leprechaun


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I'm from the old school.
I like Ande mono.Its never given me any problems.I buy it in 2 lb spools from Shark River,so I can re-spool my reels as necessary.Right now I have spools in 30,40,50 and 80#.I will start re-spooling my reels in a few weeks when I can make the time .
I have some illness in the family right now,so I'm late with the boat and everything else this season.
Tight lines to all.

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thanks Lep and Fish......

I will be doing mostly Eeel drifting with the Clams, with weight.

I know the ANDIE is Reliable and have it on many Reels.

Lep, I will look at the Berkeley. and also this new SUFFIX, if I can find out who might have it out my way.

Thanks for the Input Guy's.
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