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I know this might seem ?off-topic? but I would appreciate it if the moderators of this board would let this post stay here on this board (I?m posting it in Multiple Boards so it can be seen by as many people as possible). Fishermen are everywhere and sometimes go to parking lots, parks and places that are a little off the beaten track.

My Wife?s Cousin?s Stepfather, from Massapequa, LI has been missing since yesterday (Saturday January 5th). He is a stage 4 cancer patient and was last seen at his home yesterday morning. He had breakfast with his wife, and then she went upstairs to get dressed. His home attendant called the house to say she would be there in an hour and he answered her, ?I?ll be here?. When the home attendant arrived his wife let her in and when they went to the den to find him, he was gone. The TV was still on, his wallet was in the house, but he, his jacket, his car keys & his car were all gone. He has not been seen since.

We have contacted the Nassau County Police and they have all of their mechanisms in place. The family drove all around to the places he usually goes, but he, nor his car have been found. He is in some pain from the cancer & tires easily, so with the ½ tank of gas in his can and no wallet, they don?t think he could have gone all that far. He has been depressed about his illness recently, so there is much concern that he could have done himself harm. No note has been found.


His name is Gary and he is a 67 year old while male, approximately 5?11? tall, medium build, gray hair and pale/gray complexion due to his illness. He is driving a Dark Blue 2007 Toyota Corolla with NY License plate # DMV-4944. He lives in Massapequa, LI.

If anyone sees him or the vehicle, please contact the Nassau County Police Department and PM me here on Noreast. They have him listed as a missing person.

Thank you!!

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