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Mini darters

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Here are some mini darters I spun the smaller is 1/2 oz and the larger is 3/4 oz. Been killing those end of the season schoolies with em!!!!

Tight lines,

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Nice work man. Are those dowels you used and did you wire em through? Kinda looks like screw eyes in the pic. Also where can you find the brass grommets used in the hook holes and tail wraps? I tried Home Depot they look at me like I was crazy. One last thing I'm new to plug making and was wondering whats best to cut the angle on the darters? Band saw scroll saw hand heck I don't know. Any advice would be great. Thanx

I used screw eyes for all my darters. All my other style plugs I thru-wire. I have found the grommets in a variety of sizes in fabric stores
(I think they use them for eye holes on jackets, etc.) As far as the angle to use on the darter; I used a gibbs darter to model the first one I made and after that I experimented to get different effects. The way I shape the darter is with a belt sander. I also have a mini lathe, but it doesn't help you with the flat in front!! Good luck and enjoy the new hobby!! If you have more questions, keep them coming. There are plenty of talented people on this board who can help you out.

Tight lines,
Lookin' good, Bassholl...yes indeed...lookin' mighty good. ;) :)

Jerry Vovcsko,
East Bridgewater, Ma
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