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Milford Harbor

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It's amazing how much bunker there is out there, but not enough blues. I had 3 strong runs on live line, and would always loose them. Not easy I must say. After 8:30pm decided to call it the night. To my surprise, I lost my car keys and to top it off my cell phone was not working correctly. What really pissed me off, is how ignorant these high class folks at the Milford marina are. Every person I asked if I could have them call my wife would have an excuse that they did not have a cell phone or if not that it wasn't working. Give me a break! 98% of people have cell phones in this day in age. Long story short, I was able to call 911 from my cell and contact my local Police in my town. They were very nice to help me. They went over to my house and alert my wife. Two thumbs up to the police force, thnx.
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my home town!!!!!!!

Sounds like you were talking to people at the Milford Yatch club at the end of Trumbull Ave, near the jetty. They're not high class, they're just drunk all the time

Next time, go into the 7-Seas in the center of town and tell my nephew Brent that his Uncle Rich on LI says that you should get a free beer

As for the fishing, I caught my first striper there many many years ago from the Gulf Street Bridge.

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