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Once upon a Time there where great Champions in
Boxing Like Rocky Marciano, Mohamed ali, Sugar Ray leonard, Alexis arguello etc ,... just to name a few.
Boxing was Boxing!
Mike Tyson in the early days could have been the
Greatest. His talent was raw and had the desire
to win. He could have been UNBEATABLE!
He was Unbeatable until he teamed up with Don King! Its been all down hill ever since then.
Don king & Mike Tyson have disgraced sport of Boxing and will never be the same.
They should both be in jail.
They should change boxing to WWF.
Mike Tyson will wind up Pennyless & homeless
and when he's doing time in jail maybe one day
he' ll look in the mirror and say...
" I could a been a Contender"

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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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