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Hey guys - just wanted to wish all of you a very merry and happy Christmas. For those that I haven't had a chance to chat with on line or over the phone in the past few days, I've now got a clear path to a resolution of my problem.

Over the past weeks, my wife and I have visited with many different doctors, reviewed all the treatment options and have elected to go with NY Presbyterian for the full "da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy." This uses a trio of robotic arms, working thru three small incisions in the abdomen to snip and remove the prostate. According to all the guys I've spoken with, the down time after the operation is minimal (3 weeks or so 'til I can return to work) and the side effects are nowhere near as severe as doing the surgery the older "Scalpal" way.

Like I wrote, I feel much better having accepted the problem, researched out the treatments, spoken to many cancer survivors of all the methods - and settled on a plan that we feel is best for me.

Wew - a load off my mind.

We've booked the operating room for Feb 21, which gives me some extra time to kill a few blackfish, if the freakin' weather would please just cooperate, even a little.

So anyway, the very best to all of you - and thank you so very much for the multitude of great posts, P.M.s, e-Mails, and phone calls of encouragement. It really meant alot to me to hear from you all.

And believe me, I'm not just saying that.

For all you guys, even the very talented, but incredibly "Capatoosta" B40 and especially to HJ, the guy I love to hate (or is it hate to love? - who can really say? ;) ), I wish you the very, very best for the Holidays and thru the coming year.

You have given me much comfort and great encouragement this past Fall.

I am most humbly thankful and a better person for knowing you all.

Merry Christmas,


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Lep, your turtorials as well as your wisdom clearly inspires a good many if not all aboard. I wish you the wife and all a very Merry Christmas..May the peace of our Lord be with us always! God wants us to have life! Real life. Life that lasts forever with him! That's why he sent Jesus, so we could have life. That is why Jesus left him and came to earth. That is why Jesus endured the Cross and its humiliation. That's why Jesus rose from the dead. God loves us with an everlasting love in Jesus! What other Christmas gift can compare? "O come, let us adore him!"
my prayers for a quick recovery.

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Merry Christmas to you to Pete,

When I go to midnight mass tonight I'll put in a prayer for you for your upcoming surgery and recovery. While I am in prayer I'll also ask the man upstairs if he could do something about the weather for you so you could get in some fishing as well.:)

If you think there is anything I could do for ya Pete don't hesitate to ask.


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Hi Pete,

Merry Christmas!!! Have a fantastic day with your family.

Am glad to read about your decision. It is always good to have a clear view and a straight course. I will call you in a day or so.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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