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Does any one have any experience with the 4 cylinder 3.7 180 hp Mercruiser engine. I saw a 1989 Grady White with a pair of them this weekend for sale.The owner says they were redone recently.Any information would be helpful. Do they last, are there any known problems with them etc. The engines are equipt with 4bbl carbs.
Thanks Glenn

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I have this engine in a 165 horsepower on a 21 foot boat. It is a 1988 and I never had a problem. I changed the riser in the 7th year, and I will be changing it again this spring. The engine is tuned every year, and keeps on running perfectly. I did forget to mention that my engine coupler broke last year, and resulted in having to have the engine removed from the boat to fix . It was an 8 hour job, but the insurance company paid the $1100 bill.
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