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Mercruiser 220hp no top end

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I have a '99 searay 21' bowrider and this weekend while running i am fine up until 2200 rpm but when i try to plane off my rpms drop and the engine dies. When i am in neutral i can rev the boat fine, it just seems to happen when the engine is under load. Anyone have any suggestions on what it might be?? Thanks for your help!
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Sounds like a fuel issue. I had a similar problem several years ago. The engine ran great up until 2200 RPM or so, but would cut out above that.

Changing the engine gas filter helped (I didn?t have a water separator filter at the time) but only for about a half an hour. The engine gas filter would get a white powdery substance on it. It ended up being corrosion from the aluminum gas tank.
Did you check the filter on the engine like suggested?

Star Tron

I heard it works well, and I have been using it this year since I had a minor fuel issue (carb) myself. No problems since then here.

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