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Now that boating season has begun I'm starting to want to fix my boat. I thought I could handle not being on the water this season but I miss it already. Anyway, I took the whole top of the motor off thinking I blew my headgasket. It wound up being a rotted through riser elbow that caused the milky mess that occured. Now that the engine is apart i'm kind of lost. The cylinder walls look alright, the head has alittle surface rust, and the intake/exhaust manifold is rusty. Do I just put it back together and see if she starts? Is the engine shot? I have everything to put her back together. The engine has been sitting all winter. I did pump out the oil/water from the block after the incident. This is a 4cyl. 181cid. i/o mercruiser. Please help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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