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Meadowbrook bridge

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I've read a lot of reports about the bridges on the medowbrook.. I went there sat night, pulled the car over and started to fish on the side.. I caught nothing, but...

My question is will I get towed or a ticket??? or is the only way to fish these areas are by boat??
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I haven't heard of anyone being towed but you can almost certainly expect a ticket. Many people risk it anyway.

About a quarter mile North of the second bridge there is a place to park on the left hand side. Don't know if it's legal but I have not been ticketed yet.

And Yes they can tow you, Ive only been told to move though.
You can fish under the third Wantagh bridge if you pull off to the right as you approach the Jones Beach ticket booths on the Wantagh Parkway. All you need is the State park permit. Its called Green Island. I've seen alot of bait fisherman there. Its an easy cast to the supporting piers of the bridge.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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