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Good article in today's Christian Science Monitor with slides on the state of "fishy" affairs to our north you can pick it up off of the web, Gary.

As an aside this is a good paper to read very, very informative and on the mark.

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Commercial LIcences

I was reading the Boston Herald and some Malcontent Commercial Fisherman is complaining the he bought a "Commercial Fishing boat in 2000 and he does not have any commercial Groundfish licences so he thinks he is entitled to some kind of Compansation"

What a ****head! THe NMF put a moratorium on Commercial Groundfish licences in 1992 and if you want one you HAVE TO BUY A BOAT WITH A Licence!

**** if this jerk gets a dime from the Gum Mint I want a dollar!

Freekin Idiots! But the bleeding heat liberals will cry for him and the rest of us will pay.
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