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Massachusetts Hot Spots: Duxbury Bay

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A terrific place for kayak anglers to try for both blues and stripers is Duxbury Bay, up on Massachusetts' South shore. The flats there are extensive when the tide goes out, and the topwater action on bues and stripers can be pretty awesome. Also the bay has a fine rip for trolling, and a rocky point (a long paddle for you sit-on-top guys, however, especially if you like short boats) that's great for tube-and-worming structure and rocks.

Has anyone else but me been out there?
In season (I teach, and thus have summers off) I'm there 3 days a week.

Any other Massachusetts anglers familiar with the area and have observations to add?

Kayak fishing has not caught on up here in Massachusetts to anywhere the extent it has down there in New York...which is too bad, because the fishing in Mass. is SO much better!!! ;)
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If you live in Gloucester....why are you driving all the way down to Duxbury?

Hi Shebeen,
because I have relatives on the south shore and because outside of Joppa Flats up in Newburyport, Massachusetts doesn't have any other flats but Duxbury...unless you go over the bridge and onto the Cape.

The Annisquam River in Gloucester has flats, but not the same kind of topwater pandemonium as Duxbury...or at least as I've seen so far.
Adam - just let us know when it starts happening and Joey and I will be there. Also JoeVan's motto should be "have yak and will travel if there are fish." We cancelled our Spring trip to MV because we couldn't get away with a new business for that long and I won't do the ferry thing, packing gear, etc. for a few days, but MA I will. Also the Necky warehouse is up there somewhere so I've got and excuse. Go fishing and pick up kayaks.
hey Adem I plan on making a trip up that way soon, well me and my kayak that is...when does it get good up there, maybe we can hook up and fish.
Is the fishing really so much better in MA, than say... the east end of LI? Maybe I need to go for a trip.
Sounds like fun. Never tried it but that area around the Annisquam looks very 'fishy' to me.Thanks for the info.

I might be there .If the time ing is right.

Ya know I have a yak and will travel.

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