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I was wondering if anyone had preferred techniques for fishing white and blue marlin up here? i.e. artificials vs. bait?

If so, what kind of artificials? And how are they trolled/speed? Or if baits,how they are trolled?

Also what kind of spread (6, 8, 10 lines?) what pattern, if any? how many teasers? how many baited hooks? what kind of teasers? etc...

All info would be helpful...

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Inshore, short of the edge, if I'm specifically targeting whites I'll troll skipping ballyhoo, with plenty of free line for a long drop back. I fish 5 lines, two off each rigger and one off the center rigger. Out in the canyon I put out a spread that catches both marlin and tuna. 8 lines. flat lines off each corner two waves back with red zuckers. Deeper flat line out of the chair 3-4 waves back with a green zucker. Inner riggers six waves back with green machines or something similar. Outter riggers seven waves back with jet heads behind bords. Eight waves back off the center rigger a murray brother ligh 'n glow behind a bird. This setup catches both whites and big blues as well as tuna. Last year we had a 500+ fish swim right past all of the spread and nail the red zucker right at the transom. Those baits normally only catch tuna, but the green one can often produce marlin. In fact I have two of them on the wall of my ofice that are so beat up from marlin that they are no longer useable.

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