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March-April Edition "The Edge - Big Game Fishing Journal"

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If you haven't already seen it pick up a copy of the March-April edition of THE EDGE. A very good articile in there by Captain Larry titled,...........Mako My Day

Captain Larry will be giving his all-out MONSTER SHARK fishing seminar a week from this Thursday, May 8th. See the link for details.



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Thank you Capt. Len,
Very generous offer - much appreciated.

CaptLen wrote:
MakoMatt wrote:
The first 20 people at the door for the NFSS Shark Seminar next week will get a copy of The Edge.


Make that everyone that passes through the door will receive a copy of the Big Game Fishing Journal.
Call me at 800 827 4468 and let me know how many you need.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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