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This is a fun kayak fishing tournament located in a fantastic place to fish. I hope to see everyone there!!!

2008 Kayak Fishing Tournament
September 27, 2008
Sunrise to Sunset
Atlantic Outfitters Manhasset Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament

Open to all kayakers. Contact the shop to register.

This is a catch and release tournament starting at sunrise and ending at sunset (for safety reasons).

Prizes will be given for largest striped bass and largest bluefish in conventional and fly tackle. Bring your own kayak or rent one of ours.

Event Details:

The Tournament: A catch and release kayak fishing tournament for fun and prizes. Kayakers will start in Manhasset Bay on September 27 and fish the waters in and around Manhasset Bay. You do not have to fish all day, just make sure to check out at the shop and post your results when you are done fishing... that is if you think you have the big one. Call in or come back for the awards at 8 PM or check the website on Sunday for the final results. If you dont have a kayak you can rent one from the shop. Just make sure to call ahead and make a reservation.

Registration: Call or come in Saturday. We will be open at 6 AM.

Launch Locations: Atlantic Outfitters, Town Dock, and Manorhaven Park

Start Time: 7 AM on Saturday September 27, 2008

**Note: All Kayakers must Check in with Atlantic Outfitters before starting fishing. If you launch at Town Dock or our dock you must check in the end of our dock before starting. If you intend to launch at Manorhaven Park, please notify us of your intentions and check in by cellphone or VHF on channel 72.

Fishing Area: Manhasset Bay & Western Long Island Sound.

Launching Areas: Atlantic Outfitters, Port Washington Town Dock, Manorhaven Park

Weather: The tournament will run rain or shine. If winds are over 15 MPH then kayakers will be restricted to inside Manhasset Bay. In winds over 15 MPH, any kayaker observed going outside Government gong "1" off Plum Point will be disqualified. Right now it looks like the weather will be good but the wind may be a problem.

Fishing Methods: Fly fishing and conventional fishing from kayaks only. Fish caught "accidentally" by snagging will not be allowed. Snagging for bait is allowed.

Tournament Rules: This is a honor based catch and release tournament for fun and bragging rights. Anyone acting in an unsportsmanlike like fashion will be disqualified. Fish must be caught, weighed, measured, and returned to the water as quickly as possible to be eligible for prizes. You are responsible for recording this information. We will provide paper and pencil to record the information. The entrant is responsible for bringing a measuring device and scale to weigh the fish. The following information must be recorded about the fish: Length, weight, time of catch, location, method used (fly, lure, bait), and (if used) lure or fly used. There will be observers on the water, some will actually be fishing.

All kayakers should wear a PFD and carry Coast Guard required safety equipment. Items required by the Coast Guard are an approved PFD, audible signaling device, and a flashlight.

Finish Time: 7 PM on Saturday September 27, 2008. All fish results must be returned by 7:30 PM to be eligible for the prize drawing at 8 PM. Results will be posted on the Atlantic Outfitters website on Sunday. If you are unable to attend the prize giving, check the website and pick up your prize any time after the event.

Prizes (Depending on the number of entrants):

Largest Striper caught with fly rod TFO fly rod

Largest Bluefish caught with fly rod TFO fly Rod

Largest Striper caught with conventional tackle Spinning Rod

Largest Bluefish caught with conventional tackle Spinning Rod

Most crap on a fishing kayak (fish finders, rod holders, live-wells, anchor systems) - Floating fishing pliers (cause you need more stuff)

Most distance covered (must present GPS log to win) - a pair of Hobie water bottles.

We hope to see you on Saturday!

Location of shop:

Atlantic Outfitters
405 Main Street, #2
Inspiration Wharf
Port Washington, NY 11050

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It was a great day on the water. Light wind, and over cast. Mixed in was a little rain. Not much at all though. I fished most of the day in a tee shirt. Met up with Al from ECKF, Larry, Cassio,and Ruffino.




We headed out hitting a few spots near A/O with no luck. Our destination was going to be the east point near the mouth of the harbor. On our way out Al pointed out a pier on the west side of the harbor saying it looked fishy. So we headed over there. I think it's By a town beach. Tons of fish for everyone in the group.

We fished that area for awhile. Then headed north along the west bank. We got fish all the way to the point. nothing of great size, but lots of schoolies. We headed over to the east point for a hand full more schoolies. Met up with Bob. He had a few fish of his own. He hooked into a 32 1/2" blue. It gave him some fight on the flyrod.

It was a great day. I had 49 bass to the boat with 30" being the largest. I also had 2 blues to 32". The tube/worm was the ticket for the day.

A big thanks goes out to John from Atlantic Outfitters for putting this on for us.

Tight lines

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From John at Atlantic Outfitters. Thanks John !!

<<2008 Atlantic Outfitters Kayak Fishing Tournament Results
Another year and another great event. A big thank you to the Kayak Fishing Association of New York and our fist sponsor Skwoosh Fishing Seats. Also a big thank you to Al Stillman of East Coast Kayak Fishing. We had a great turn out even though the weather forecast was less than favorable. A total of sixteen Fishermen entered this year and the results are as follows:

Largest Striper on Fly: 21? - Ed S ? TFO Series 1 Fly Rod
Largest Bluefish on Fly: 32.5? - Bob S ? TFO Series 1 Fly Rod
Largest Striper on Conventional: 30? - Carl S ? Ugly Stick Striper Rod
Largest Bluefish on Conventional: 33? - John R ? Ugly Stick Striper Rod
Most Stuff on a Kayak: Ricky S - Skwoosh Angler II Fishing Seat

There were a lot of fish caught, mostly small blues (4 to 5 lb range) and schoolie stripers in the 20 to 26? range. Most successful fishing method used ? tube n worm. Most of the fish were caught within the limits of Manhasset Bay. A few guys fished around the rocks on Barkers and Hewlett Points with the same results. The lack of bunker in the Western Sound this year has made the fishing less than stellar for large fish. There are tons of small fish around which make for great fun but not for spectacular results.

Again thank you to everyone for coming out for the event, I hope you all enjoyed the fishing. I really appreciate everyone coming out and hope you will continue to support the event. I do this for the fun of fishing in Manhasset Bay and I hope everyone enjoys it as much I as I enjoy hosting it. The stories alone make it well worth it. I will hold the tournament again next year on September 26, 2009. Hope to see you then.
Tight lines, John
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