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Mako 171

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Does anyone have the 17 Mako?

I am looking for anyone who has had any experience with this boat. Good, bad or ugly.
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Are you thinking new or used? I have been out and it makes a super bay boat. Can be wet when the wind is up. It was a toss up for me while searching between Mako, Proline and Grady in the 17' size. I picked Proline and am very happy since it has high sides and a deeper V. The 17' Grady is hard to find but very well built with lots of gizmos standard.

Depending what your going to use it for is the key.

Capt. Marc
Check out the mako on the "for sale " board here. See why he's selling!! Might be a good deal for ya. bye
andy,i have something that migHt interest re:mako 171 cc
e-maIL [email protected]
I have A Custom 17ft. Mako "Nor'east Salwater Staff Boat" 4 Sale if your interested. Unique fishing machine.. [email protected]
I also own a Proline 170 and have been extremely happy with it. I fish the western sound and the boat handles extremely well for its size. A solid boat.

Im considering a proline 17 once I sell my boat. Its the most seaworthy 17'er ever made in my opinon. With its awesome deep v and brawn itll go where no other 17's and most 18 'ers can. Would want a Yammie though they seem to be factory rigged with mercs. Alan

Prolines are very solid. I take mine 17 miles offshore every day I fish. 2-3' seas, no problem.

Attached is a pic of my 87 fishing machine. If I had a choice on new power, I would look at one of the 4 stroke motors. My older 6 cylinder merc runs great.

Notice the bow design. Other 17' boats don't have the depth inside or the dry hull wt.

Capt. Marc
Nice picture, Capt Marc. You have to love that deep V on such a small boat. I own a 1998 model and I believe it's 19 degrees. It came with a 90 force outboard, which to my surprise has been pretty reliable so far. It stalls at times in idle, but once she's cruising it runs fine.


Thanks. They made that V I think from 86-88.

In a few hours I will be loading up some cod rods and a giant tuna outfit and head about 20 miles SE of NH to Southern Jefferies Ledge. The haddock are biting and I will bring some macks just in case a few Giants moving south happen to pass by. The weather looks super (big high pressure and light winds finally).

All on 20 gallons of gas.

Got to come down to the island in a few weeks and get in my blackfish at 11b.

Capt. Marc
Capt. Marc,

Proline made different 17's during its run?
I noticed you stated that your style deep v was made from '86-'88. How are the new ones compared to your year & which are the more desirable years
in your estimation?? Thanks Alan

I really couldn't give you an honest answer since the only time I was aboard a new 17' proline was at the boat shows. I was pretty impressed. The dry wt of just the hull is a little heavier then mine and is still much heavier then the other brands (around 1500 lbs). I know that the new ones are all glass construction which should be better down the road. If I had the cash, I would buy new. A few years ago I think the 17s went for around 16,000 +/- 1k (boat, motor 90merc and trail). I would upgrade to a 130 hp and you will really fly. My boat with no load and the 87 inline 6 90 hp goes around 30kts and I cruise nicely at 24 kts.

I don't like the new consuls much with the scooped out bottom. Mine is rectangular and I have a lot of stowage underneath.

It is what I think the perfect boat for one or two anglers for the bay, sound or ocean on a decent day.

Hope this helps

Capt. Marc

Here is a nice shot which shows how it floats with a few cod in the cooler, on the line, and on the gaff.

Capt. Marc

PS thanks Moodyblues for the shot!

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Good Thread, But, don't hear from Moodyblues anymore. Hibernating???
Capt. Marc,
Thanks. I bet it's the only 17'er in the Cod fishing bussiness. I know weve had the Proline discussion before but I finally sold my boat last week and am ready to buy. Theres a 171 mako for sale from a noreast member but I think the Proline is a little beefier. I would really prefer { putting it mildly} a Japanese outboard over the merc so hopefully I can buy the boat only as I think they are all rigged merc. Another thing about this boat is its cheaper to dock/winterize a 17' boat so you save there, also weighs about twice that of a BW montauk { cost less too}. I would want the 135 HP for sure the 90 is a bit underpowered in my estimation, matter o fact Id go for a 150 with the weight if the boat if it was rated for it but dont think so, thanks for the reply and keep catchin those cod!!
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