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MAKING THE 1143F..........

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How to make it correctly for fishing the bight, highlands area and 17. Thanks.
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Cutting the butt

Myti the butt won't need to be cut. But if you are a short armed person you may want to cut some off the butt section to be able to pass the rod across your body which can be a pain having the butt so long. So my suggestion is to make the rod 7'4" and cut from the tip size 11. Then measure it to the butt after your tip is on to make sure the meaurement is correct. If it is to long then you may trim smoe off the butt end to give you the correct leght you feel comfortable with. You can always take off the rear if need be. But make sure the tip is 100%.
Not a surf rod

Hey LN if it was from the fore grip to the tip you would have a surf pole. The total lenght is 7' 4" from butt to tip .
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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