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Magnolia Pier

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of all the piers shores and boats ive fished I have never had any real success in only one Magnolia Pier what bothers me most of all is that its supposed to be one of the best!!!
Anyone fished there that wants to supply the when were what and how I would certainly appreciate it.
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I've gone there in winter for herring several times and done well.But, that's the oly thing I've gone there for. Wish I could help more!

I seriously doubt Al was refering to anglers like yourself. Yes, many people go to Magnolia to fish and enjoy good company.But, you cannot deny that, as with many other public places built for a specific reason, some bad apples do go to Magnolia, and fishing is the last thing on their minds.No where in his post did Al say that all Magnolia regulars are "characters". Is the angling sport being invaded by the PC police? HE MEANT NO OFFENSE
No problem !! You make a valid point, there's "characters" everywhere.Believe me, even on a private boat, you deal with them (much the same way you do when driving).I gotta hand it to you, many other people would have went off as a result of someone disagreeing with their post.You did not, that is admirable :)Like you said, we're just a bunch of guys sitting around talking fishing.On that note, since you said you live in Long Beach, and cannot get around too easily,there's a shore location there that I haven't fished, but my friend took me duck hunting from last winter.It's right on Reynold's and looks like it would be good, not too much pressure. Unfortunately, I cannot remember exactly where it is. Next time I speak to my friend, if remember I'll ask him ! Good fishing :)
Really glad to hear that!!!:)Yeah, during duck season, that area can sound like a shooting range.That's funny that you almost dove into the water :)I live in Massapequa about 1/2 mile frm the bay and during duck hunting, if the wind is out of the South, you hear tons of shots early in the morning. Yes, believe it or not, you can hunt that close to homes, but there are many regs to make it as safe as possible. I'm not personally a hunter, I just went with my friend to watch and see if I'd like it(dont think so :))And, I will certainly try to get that exact location as well as how to access it. Good Fishing!!
Sorry to hear about all of that.Like you said, at least nothing worse happened! It is a real shame that a person can't access our natural resources without feeling like you're in some nightclub or whatever. Anyway, glad you're ok :)
Did you get my e-mail yesterday???I'll send another if you did not.
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