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Magnolia Pier

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of all the piers shores and boats ive fished I have never had any real success in only one Magnolia Pier what bothers me most of all is that its supposed to be one of the best!!!
Anyone fished there that wants to supply the when were what and how I would certainly appreciate it.
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On several occasions, I've encountered several "interesting" characters with other intentions in mind.


I resemble that. :( Because of location and being transportationaly challenged, I spend most of my time at Magnolia, and the only "intention on my mind" is to fish. We don't all have boats and buddies with boats, and are at the liberty to take 2 and three day trips to Rhode Island every other week ya know. I've met some really great people there and yes, a fair share of "characters" as well, but never have I felt the need to have "lots of BIG fishing buddies along". I'm surprised at you.... By the way just where are those "favorite piers" of yours? :)
Try the beach after the crowds are gone.

Can you be a little more specific Angus? After all, it is a "Long" beach. Seriously, I know that there are some good spots and many not so good spots. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I meant nothing by it either. But fishing mirrors life. Unless you have your own boat, or are on a private charter you're going to encounter other people. We are surrounded by all types. I've encountered "characters" at the supermarket, on the train and even in church. It doesn’t stop me from shopping, going to and from any place, or going to pray. Staying "alert" as Al put it is a wise thing to do no matter where you are. But he did seem to make some sort of comparison between Magnolia and other piers that he has fished at making mention in the following sentence about the "characters". He is entitled to feel that way, and even to voice his opinion, just as I am entitled to respond if I feel the need to. It has nothing to do with PC. This is a discussion board and we’re just a bunch of guys sittin’ around the fire discussin’, right? Now whose turn is it to put another log on?


I hope you didn't think I ment anything by it.

Thanks for the details. If I ever know enough in advance I will definitely e-mail you and give you a warning. :) By the way, I hope you're not a character. ONLY KIDDING BACALA! :)

You brought a big smile to my face! That's what this is all supposed to be about and you hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for the tip too. I see the area that you spoke of across from the pier but I don't know how to get in there either. I would really appreciate it if you would let me know when you find out. Last season I was almost jumped into the water after fishing all night, it was about 7am, I was alone on the pier (remember 9/11 was still fresh on my mind) and suddenly the stone cold silence is broken by a foray of shotgun blasts! I didn't know what the **** was happening. I didn't know you could hunt so close to a residential area.

I'm sorry for your bad experiences at Magnolia. I'm sure if I had similar experiences I would be talking about them as well. But I once again want to make it clear that I wasn't taking you to task for voicing your opinion and sharing your experience. As a matter of fact, if you read back, my response started with a "tongue in cheek" statement of "I resemble that" in an attempt to soften or lighten up my response. I think you're a great guy and I don't even know you. I don't think that you would ever say or do anything to unnecessarily offend anyone.

As far as ~~>
Gusman and Bacala, Thank you for coming to my rescue… but I just thought that I should clarify it so there is no misunderstanding.... Goes...

Being that there was no attack, there was no need for anyone to come to your defense. My second post clarified, and I believe defused any sense that I was attacking you. And my third I thought spelled it out specifically......


I hope you didn't think I meant anything by it.


As a matter of fact we all acted like perfect adults, the discussion ran it's course, Guzman has already given me some of his good spots on the beach, and it looks like Bacala and I might go fishing together sometimes in the near future. See? We can be good when you're not looking.

By the way... wazzup wit da "Hello folks and NightCaster "? Now I ain't a "folk" like everyone else? :) (see the smiley face?)

Anyway, this is way too much typing, when's high tide? :)
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I got your e-mail and replied to it. Just incase you didn't get it I'll resend it.
Ooooops! My bad!

Guess I forgot to click "send". **** Alzheimers! :)
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