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Magnolia Pier

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of all the piers shores and boats ive fished I have never had any real success in only one Magnolia Pier what bothers me most of all is that its supposed to be one of the best!!!
Anyone fished there that wants to supply the when were what and how I would certainly appreciate it.
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Night Caster I'm from LB startes fishing at magnolia about ten years ago. The only time I caught stripers there was early spring while the herring were still around. There are plenty of better places to fish in LB besides Magnolia. Try the beach after the crowds are gone.

Sorry about that... I usually fish at pacific and roosevelt between the jeeties and the ropes during beach hours. In the center there is a hole that can be fished after 6:30.
Clams first, then I try bucktails or plugs. At night I use fresh bunker if I can get it. High water only end of incoming start of outgoing. Had some success in the center of LB or in the west end between Georgia avenue and east atlantis beach. Being that I am lazy I do not like to walk all along the beach.

If you want email me [email protected] and we'll hook up some time. from now until mid july the beach is good.

Hope this helps

To Al defense there definatly are some characters there. Would like to think I am NOT one of them.
About ten years ago a guy stuck his head in a bucket of chum for fifty bucks, got sick and then jumped in the channel to wash off. No this has nothing to do with fishing but it was a great story. I wasn't there but a few guys have had confirrmed it.

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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