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Magnolia Pier

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of all the piers shores and boats ive fished I have never had any real success in only one Magnolia Pier what bothers me most of all is that its supposed to be one of the best!!!
Anyone fished there that wants to supply the when were what and how I would certainly appreciate it.
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Hello phishthetide ,

From time to time I've stopped at the Mag. Pier and caught a few fish. However, that's not one of my favorite piers to say the least. On several occasions, I've encountered several "interesting" characters with other intentions in mind.

If you are planning to fish it… I found that the best time to fish it is during the top of the night flood tide whenever there are baitfish present!

You can score stripers, weakies, blues, fluke, shad and herring.

Caution: Should you decide to invest a lot of time there…. I strongly recommend that you bring lots of BIG fishing buddies along and be alert. ;)

Be "safe" and have a good time.

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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NightCaster wrote:
I resemble that. Because of location and being transportationaly challenged, I spend most of my time at Magnolia, and the only "intention on my mind" is to fish. We don't all have boats and buddies with boats, and are at the liberty to take 2 and three day trips to Rhode Island every other week ya know. I've met some really great people there and yes, a fair share of "characters" as well, but never have I felt the need to have "lots of BIG fishing buddies along". I'm surprised at you....

Hello folks and NightCaster

This is a good debate... But with all do respect, if I've offended anyone with my remarks… I apologize! Perhaps I need to clarify my statement before this gets carried away.

First of all, what I meant by the "I've encountered several "interesting" characters with other intentions in mind."
The truth of the matter is, the few times I've fished there (late wee hours of the night)…. There were some shady "NON" Fishermen type drinking alcohol and smoking funny stuff! Mind you, that did not bother me… but what really got me going was the "Childish behavior and the racial slurs" that was addressed directly at me.

The second confrontation was a time where some rowdy folks in three sports car with loud music (if you could call that) and relieved themselves in front of their misses. That was OK… but when they helped themselves with my extra fishing equipment (lying by the rail) and treated like it was a toy. That just didn't go well with me.

Fortunately, on both occasions, I walked away without any major confrontations… but god only knows what I would have done if I was pushed and shoved.

So you see, I did not mean anything "negative" about my comment. That is why I was vague and ended by saying… Be alert, safe and have a good time! I hope I've clarified that! :)

Gusman and Bacala, Thank you for coming to my rescue… but I just thought that I should clarify it so there is no misunderstanding. ;)

Anyway... Now whose turn is it to put another log on? :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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