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I know that theres been a pick on macs all winter long,a week ago I heard they were right outside Jones inlet. Did anyone hear of any progress on the main body of fish thats still down south?
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There was a website that tracked the macks

I did a few searchs trying to find it with no luck, anyone remember the site Im refering too?
web site

never made it out sunday due to fuel problems,boat is ready now.As far as that web site I remember it too,it had the word "barn" in it.Like bass barn or something.I also checked without any luck. If you find it ,post it.
It is
Not sure if I am allowed to post this if not email me [email protected]
Good lucl and tight lines
Like I said in my other post back a while ago, the macs have been off jersey all winter. For some reason, they never left. As of this week, thay are STILL here. This is unbelievable. I don't know how much longer they're going to stick around, but as soon as they decide to move, you LI guys will have a shot at them.

Save a few for roger up here in
I think it was a different site then Bassbarn that tracked them

I did a quick check of bassbarn and found nothing on the Macks, this other site had Realtime tracking of the fish as they made thier way up the coast.
This upcoming week temps are supposed to move into the 70's , that should do it.
Does anyone know of any open boats on LI that are fishing for macks this week?
Macks are here!

We?ve been getting scattered reports of pods of mackerel being located from the Jersey coast to as far east as Shinne****. Check our Posted Reports section for more on mackerel.
WATER TEMPS AS OF NOW IS 48.6 degs. , get those macks now.

Go get em, Im heading out this week, tommorow maybe.
Water's warming up quickly, like 3 degrees last 3 days in the offshore buoy out of JI.

i went out sat..on my boat to 17 fathoms..while the schools r not huge when u get over them..and power drift
u can get 3,4 and five at a time had them ggod for 2 hours ..ended up with 5 bushels
I was in Montauk over the weekend and the few boats that were fishing outside the lake had some Macs. If you can I'd get out there tomorrow.

I was just thinking the same myself. Plus, conditions look great tomorrow. Sunny and warm...gotta love it! I'll post when I get back. Did you say just outside the lake? If so, that's close!
Sorry, I gave a misimpression. The boats that caught Macs were probably at cartwright. I think everyone was either at Cartwright or in the lake. Personally I was just working on the boat. Good luck tomorrow!
Big Mac Attack!!!!!

Their here guys,their in jersy,17 fathoms,Jones inlet,Fire Island Inlet and the moriches.Better get on them quick,there was a report of blues and bass being taken around them at Jones in 65 ft of water today.They should be moving in a hurry now,might not be here this weekend.
Macs in Montauk

We ran cartwright to frisbees with nothing, but then hit a few quick passers by at great eastern. if the weather holds up again tomorrow, we might make a run to the north side of block.

The Macs are in Montauk, between the point and Block. About 100 ft of water +/-. Was out yesturday as many as you want. Nice sizes also in the mix.

Just cruise along, you will spot them on your scope. Head twords Block Island yesturday I was southeast of Subbouy.
Montauk Macs

Rooster, thanks for the tip. We hit them big right off the bat due south of the subbouy in 80 - 100 ft of water. filled up in about 1 hour. plenty of shark bait in my freezer!
Thanks Rooster Dan for the update. Heading out late Saturday night for some Fishing on Sunday for some Cod and Snowshoes off of Block.
Glad to hear you found them. Looks like I'll miss them for another year :(

hit them good today off the moriches south of the inlet in 90 ft of water.
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