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I know that theres been a pick on macs all winter long,a week ago I heard they were right outside Jones inlet. Did anyone hear of any progress on the main body of fish thats still down south?
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If you hear anything outside the web, let me know. They will hit you before they hit me!
Paulie- The macks were in thick in January, Fished on the Capt. Lou out of Freeport,and marco and I caught over 450 fish (Filled the freezer)At this point I think they will be just passing through and will not be here for any lenght of time, but you never know
Capt Jay

nice haul,sounds like your all ready for sharking.They come along the south shore in April,their usually within range for at least a week then leave in a hurry with the bluefish on their tails.I will post when they show up.

Went Mac fishing a couple days ago on the night hawk out of belmar. scatteres schools but managed to fill a 124 cooler with macs and herring.
Fished the western edg of the mud hole.
The boats out of Jersey have been into Mac's the whole winter.
They usually come through during mid-winter (Jan. or so), and then come back through about April. This year, they never left. A few Boats (especially the Night Hawk out of Belmar) have been consistently catching mac's. I not talking about a few fish either...I'm talking about filling coolers every trip.
I guess it's the weather just screwing everything up. Who knows?!?!?!
Paulie- The boys and I decided to keep the boat in Montauk for the season (April 15- December 15) Going to fish mainley on weekends, but I took the whole month of September off for some offshore action (inshore too)We took the boat out there last year for three weeks and had a blast with lots of fish If your interested give me a shout,

P.S. Going to need some Help getting rid of all these mackerels. LOL
For some reason it Did not post my name
You going to need a lot of luck to filla cooler with macs if your Montauk based. The fish just seem to blow by Montauk and the run usually doesn't last for more than a couple of days. Of course that always a couple of days during the middle of the week :)

MakoMike, I'm out of Montauk now also. Any idea how to time those 2 days for the macs? Or is it that everyone finds out after the fact? Just dropped the boat in the water yesterday and I happen to have some time on my hands this month :)
I can ususally find our when they're around from talking to freinds who live out there. But by the time you read about it anywhere, they're usually already gone. Where in Montauk is your boat? I'm at Gone fishing on East lake drive.
Mako Mike
You may have misunderstood me, Look at my earlier post up top. My frezer is already full with Macs. We are going to use the macs in montauk for sharks.

MakoMike, i also live in Montauk. my boat is at the marine basin and i'm within walking distance, which is nice. i'm actually thinking about making a run out to cartwright next week to see what's up. i'll post if i find anything. Would have been nice to go today, but none of my gear is ready, of course :(.
I'll be more than happy to hear what you find out. The guys I've talked to don't know of anything going on, other than flounder in the lake.

Where is the location of the main schools,still down south.Are they off of Jersy.Last year someone had a web site to trace and follow them.Anybody know what is was?
I know theres been a pick of macks all winter BUT

The " Bostons " are the ones that come up the coast to Long Island around late April, NO?
So in other words the Mack attack will happen again , soon with this other body of fish?
Am I right here or no?
thanks, Alan

just got word today while in Causeway bait and tackle that the Capt. Al was on them heavy yesterday at Ambrose.Depending on a few things (weather) tomorrow may be my first trip of the season.
WoW, good news

Thanks Paulie,
Last year if I'm not mistaken it was last week in April, water temps in the ocean 47 degrees.
With our mild winter makes sense they'll arrive early.
I just checked bouy 44025 its 44+ degrees but 46.5 @ Ambrose,
Could see them in less then a week due south JI.
thanks for the comeback, Alan
Please keep us posted when they are off of JI. I would like to try for them this year out of FI.


e-mail me
[email protected]

Does anyone have an update on the location of the Mackerel schools? Like to give it a shot tomorrow if they're within 2 hours of JI or FI inlets.
Thanks in advance for any info!
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