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Hi Spacegh8st,
Yes, I generally do my occasional mackerel run ?around? the month of April and May to load up for my offshore and inshore trips. Like any fishery, it?s not what it used to be, but once you hear of a mackerel bite? you really need to stop everything because the action will probably last only a week or two.

Regarding which party boats to go to?Well, most captains will be on high alert and just about every port will target those speedsters. As for rigs? You could buy a simple mackerel jigs or make your own? it?s very simple, all you?ll need is colored tubes and a diamond jig! ;)

What do I target during the winter you asked? This year I am not sure, but I generally travel to fish. Do my local blackfish, Ling and codfish (mixed in with scattered Mackerel).

I also do winter trout flycasting, tie flies, tune plugs, attend shows and Ice fishing too. ;)

How about you?

?Crazy? Alberto
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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