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jmc91881 wrote,
On days when the water is real murky, like after a nasty storm, and the sun is shining bright, what type of lure, popper, etc., would you use when targeting bass?…

Hi jmc91881

Great questions! :) On murky waters or any challenging conditions … We all know the fish are still hungry but if you don't cast your offering in front of their nose…You are going to have a tough time!

That is unless you do the following:
Guide them to your offering with their three senses.

EARS - Noisy lures that splashes, pops, rattles etc…(see Hooper's reply).

EYES - Bright lures like glow in the dark lures, chartreuse or parrot color usually does the trick.

SMELL - Live or dead bait ( seaworms, clams or chunks) that will give a slick (cent) to guide them to you.

You also wrote:
"Would your lure selection change if the water was murky and it was a dark, cloudy day?"

Those two conditions are very different and you must address them accordingly. For instance, murky water has concentrated particle blocks, (dirt, algae, weeds etc) which prevents fish from seeing great distances….

Whereas on cloudy days (including nights), there are no particle blockage and therefore, fish eyes adjusts (like humans) in low lights to see great distances….

I hope I've answered you question.

I have a question pertaining to this topic. On dark conditions…
Do you think color is important?
If so, what is your lure color preference?

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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