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Lure Color in Dirty Water

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What are your opinions on lure color in murky water for stripers? Conventional wisdom says bright colors in dark water. But I hear all sorts of things. What do you guys think?

Also, what colors in particular?

Any difference in color selection for places that are permanently dirty vs. when a normally clear place turns murky?
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I think of it this way.

If you were to put a blindfold on, you could no longer use sight as a tool. You would turn to other senses.

This is something that happens automatically. I assume, with fish, they do this as well. When the water is dirty, I pick lures that are noisy. That means poppers mostly. Rattletraps are also a good lure to pick. And in calm water, a lure that produces a good wake will produce strikes. Like a dani plug.

In my mind, sight becomes a secondary function. The action or noise, will bring them in and at the last moment, sight will take over. The time depends on the clarity of the water. If the bait is something like a spearing, it's important to have a lure with that predominant feature. In this case, the silver stripe will be seen before the outline or kelly green back.

Of course, loud colors will also work. The parrot color is deadly. Lure them in and then make sure they can see it.

Picking the right lure for the water conditions is more than just color. Good action will bring them in for a closer look and an identifiable color will let them zone in on the plug and take it.
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