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Lowrance bottom machines happen to be top of the line as far as quality of their units and how well they read fish and bottom. Lowrance has excellent customer service, and their products hold up as well as the best bottom machines on the market. The X-16 was their last paper unit model they made, before going to LCD screens.

Lowrance Electronics Product-marine product line



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Do you mean . . .

The old X-16 paper machine or the newer LCX-16ci?

If its the LC model - then you are talking about what was the best piece out there last year, image-wise.

It wsa replaced this past Winter with the newer LCX-19ci, which is actually the same machine with a faster "RISC" processor - to better aid the GPS models with a faster screen chart rewrite speed. This has little if any effect on the fishfinder side of the dual-use machines.

If you can find a last-year model X-16 for the right price, and I understand there are deals to be had out there with a little searching around, that would be a very nice upgrade to any mid-size fishing boat, that's for sure.

No unit out there has a better, more detailed screen display.


rgds, Leprechaun

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