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Loran TD Station #

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Im looking to find the station numbers to put in my handheld Garmin.When I change the format it asks for a chain which is 9960 then its asking for 2 station numbers. I already contacted Garmin with little help. Somebody must have this info?
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This is the Northeast GRI. It is used on the East Coast from Cape Fear North Carolina Northward.

W Represents Microseconds from 13000 to 15000

X Represents Microseconds from 25000 to 28000

Y Represents Microseconds from 38000 to 44000

Z Represents Microseconds from 57000 to 58000

Since most of us here around New York use the X & Y stations, I would input the X & Y td's for your nearest inlet or port. Otherwise, just input any number that falls within the range for each station. The unit should then figure out where you are.
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I would leave the offset as all zeroes. I also like MakoMike's idea. Just hop on someone's boat over at the marina a write down the numbers their machine is recording. Then stand at the dock and punch them in.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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