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Loran TD Station #

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Im looking to find the station numbers to put in my handheld Garmin.When I change the format it asks for a chain which is 9960 then its asking for 2 station numbers. I already contacted Garmin with little help. Somebody must have this info?
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By far the easiest way to set up your unit is to jump on a boat that has loran and jest enter the numbers that unit is displaying with no ofset. Then if your unit doesn't display the same numbers use the offset to adjust your unit.
I'm not real sure, but I have them on the boat. If I recall correctly my slip was 76.3 and 92.1. If I remember I'll look and get you the real numbers on Monday.
If you wait until you get to gone fishing I know that Larry on the unexpected has a raytheon 570, he's the second or third boat on your left as you walk down the north dock. Just about every boat in the marina has loran on board.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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