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looking to go fishing on monday 3/3/08

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monday is to be beautiful and every boat i called isnt going or booked does any one know of any boat going out for cod/ling on monday on long island? also would love to split charter 2 people me and pops.
rosie not going,shinne**** star still dry docked,capt mark in montauk booked solid till may,no open boats sailing on monday?
any info would help
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JC30967 said:
If you find a charter boat running, and open for Mon., I would be up for a split charter. There's also another member here who posted in the Partyboat forum that he's looking to go Monday (still can't get this link thingy down,lol!).

Highlight the words you want in the Link,aka hypertext, then click on the Link box in the Middle of the command(s) line that is right above the box you are typing in. A rectangular box will appear so the you can put the full link information into it. The box will have http:// now you just add the rest. ie http://[B][/B]. But once you added your link info and clicked ok just ignore what it looks like and finish your subject and then click Submit.

Les iii
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