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Looking for Cape Fear Rods

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I am looking for 2 Cape Fear 50-80lb 5.6' Rods I have been told they are no longer producing rods so if anyone knows of a company with supply would be much appreciated
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If you find them make sure a warrantee comes with them. I am still waiting for Cape Fear to replace the blank they accepted before they went out of business. My customer will NEVER get a replacement from Cape Fear.

Hi guys,

For your info. Early Cape Fears could break if you twisted the eva butt grip after installing it, as in stretching it out after it compressed installing it. This is a fact! How many models were affected I do not know. Eventually they added more material in the butt area.

Cape Fear blanks have great strenght longitudinally but not tolerate to being twisted.

This I know I will do my best NEVER to wrap a Cape Fear blank again. They didn't even acknowledge the arrival of the broken rod I sent them for a customer. Someone did sign for the blank.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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