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Looking for boat slip in western sound,manhasset bay,cityisland..

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I live in nyc and would like fish the sound (after work and the weekends)and keep car commute to a minimum and marina cost as low as possible with a safe and fisherman friendly marina.I was thinkink of picking up a 23to 25 walkaround with a single outboard.I fish on a friends boat out of new rochelle now he pays something like 115 a foot for summer (crazy)

Any help would be great
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Yea get use to those prices.... the marinas in the sound are crazy expensive but they can get away with it becuase people dont have many other options. Its preety much a monoply. Ive fished up and down the east coast and the western sound has some of the most expensive marinas any where. Try checking out City Island but things at those marinas magically disappear even though there gated in. Be prepared to loose some stuff if you keep your boat there. Its all part of the game if you wanna fish in the sound. If i were you i would bring the boat to mtk and fish weekends there. Fishing in the sound sucks. Its good in may and june. Fluke fishing is okay in the spring if you get the sandeels. And i guess if you like catching bluefish but all in all fishing in the sound gets worse every year cept the bass. Tight Lines Capt. Chris
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