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One rod to do it all? Well each rod
has its own different characteristic
Some are graphite, Fiberglass...
I can only recommend for Lures a
10ft st.croix $160 its rated upto 3oz
Not a good idea to toss bunker chunks
with this.
Great for lures though!
Reel I recommend penn 704z $66
For tossing bait : 12ft
heavy action surf stick.(any Brand)
I picked one up at walmart for $40
Slapped a 704z on it.
Works great!
My surf gear:
10ft st. croix penn 704z
9.6ft allstar breakaway Penn 6500 (might be putting a 704z on this one too).
8.6ft st.croix penn 5500
all reels spooled with 30# fireline
Tossing bait:
12ft meatstick penn 704z
Using 25lbs Big game Monofilament
line here.
I fish more with lures than bait.
I really dont know of one rod to do it all. Hope this helps you out somewhat.

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Know what you mean spaceghost.
Custom rod is very expensive.
I dont understand why not spend
the extra money for the reel seats.
I've seen the reels attached with
electrical tape.
I'm sure they have there reasons.
Can someone explain why no reels seats?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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