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Looking for a new rod/reel combo for the surf

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Im looking to invest in a new rod and reel for the surf. Im going to put heavy power pro on the spinning reel. And use the combo both for throwing baits and lures for stripers. Any price range set up is fine as long as it is tuff and will last. Please be specific in info.....thanks

One other question...what type of set-ups do you guys use for the surf..(rod/reel/line)?
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One rod to do it all? Well each rod
has its own different characteristic
Some are graphite, Fiberglass...
I can only recommend for Lures a
10ft st.croix $160 its rated upto 3oz
Not a good idea to toss bunker chunks
with this.
Great for lures though!
Reel I recommend penn 704z $66
For tossing bait : 12ft
heavy action surf stick.(any Brand)
I picked one up at walmart for $40
Slapped a 704z on it.
Works great!
My surf gear:
10ft st. croix penn 704z
9.6ft allstar breakaway Penn 6500 (might be putting a 704z on this one too).
8.6ft st.croix penn 5500
all reels spooled with 30# fireline
Tossing bait:
12ft meatstick penn 704z
Using 25lbs Big game Monofilament
line here.
I fish more with lures than bait.
I really dont know of one rod to do it all. Hope this helps you out somewhat.
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Surf combo

I have about 4 different surf combos. My two favorites are :

1. Custom made that I built, 10' Lamiglas GSB 120-1L with 6 guides plus a tip matched with a Penn 706z and 30# power pro line with a 20# Berkley Big game backing. Price range if you build your own rod (with reel)about $280. If you have the rod built for you the price will be about (with reel)$400+.
I use this rod for plugs and eeling

2. Custom made Lamiglas 11.5' 136-3M honey, matched with a penn 704z or 706z, 30# power pro line or 20# Berkley Big Game. Cost about $ 250+
I use this rod for plugging and bait.

Both reels are taped to the rod. I don't use reel seats.

My feeling is if price is not an issue then go with a custom rod made just for you. You should notice the difference!

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what is the rational behind not using reel seats?

Know what you mean spaceghost.
Custom rod is very expensive.
I dont understand why not spend
the extra money for the reel seats.
I've seen the reels attached with
electrical tape.
I'm sure they have there reasons.
Can someone explain why no reels seats?
I cannot speak for everyone but I asked a few friends who used black tape to hold the reel, said the following:

The reel seat is expensive, hard to put on when you omit some materials for the handle, it makes the rod heavier, and the seat is ugly.

Dont buy combo rod and reel until you know what you are getting. Most of the time the reel is cheap with less than 3 ball bearings or the rod is fiberglass or E-glass, the latter is heavy and hard to detect fish strikes.
11 foot custom graphite (M) action with a VS 300, two spools of rower pro, 30 and 50 lb. test, get a reel seat. LATER
Tape ons/ reel seats

A reel seat might add as much as 30-50 dollars to the cost of a rod, but thats not the reason I have some tape ons.
1. Years ago metal reel seats were cold to the touch and would get really cold in the late fall months.
2. The tape forms a nice grip for your fingers.
3. You can micro adjust your reel position on the butt.(This is the big one)
4. You can build a rod alot quicker without a reel seat.
5. When I was a kid all the reel cool fisherman did it this way.
Reel Seats

Reel seats are not expensive to add. Only about $15.00 to the cost of the rod if your building it yourself. New Fuji "flat" reel seats are light weight and good looking. However the real reason I don't use them is that I can micro adjust the reel (as shag stated)for the best position that I need. This offers me the best balance of the rod/reel. I can also remove the reel and loan the rod to a friend, who then can adjust his reel to fit his needs. I'm 5'7" he is 6'2".
And last but not least. It's one less thing that can go wrong with the rod.

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I would get 2 poles one for bait and the other one for plugs. and to save so money i would get one reel with an extra spool. penn 704z is a good reel for the money. i use a breakaway 10'6 with my 6500ss or 704z for plugs. my bait rod is custom made and i use a shimano 6500 baitrunner.

ps. checkout my friend rich at for a rod and reel comb. tell him that gil from brooklyn told you to call 1-888-353-8077
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