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I was wondering if I can get a few opinions. I was going to fix up my 17' Whaler but with the amount I need to put into it to make it how I want I think it would just be worth it to buy a new boat. I looked at the Carolina Skiff Sea Chaser 186, cobia 184 and the Parker 1801 center console. I would rather pay the extra amount to have a quality boat. I heard the Cobia's are not that great of a boat. I am just looking for a boat to fly around the bay on and get into skinny water. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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Check out the Sea Pro SV series

We have a SV2100 and really love the boat. It is packed with features and makes excellent use of available space. They are also very reasonably priced with yammies as the standard power.


One of my friends has a SeaChaser and it has a pretty nice layout also.


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