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long leaders & knots

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I've been hearing different advice about leaders and their use in certain applications. I use a 10' St. Croix w/ a Shimano Sedona 6000 spinning reel spooled with either 15 or 20 lb. test (I forget the brand- a Japanese name).

I was using a 30# mono leader about 4' long via blood knot, but when I cast, the knot tended to hit the tip guide and slow down. Would a longer leader help this when casting? I read someone using 10'. Also, the knot picked up a lot of grass & etc. I thought using a leader would help against big run-offs. I discarded the leader after a well-known B&T shop owner told me I was fine w/o a leader w/my set up.

What are you guys using out there in similar set ups? I'm guessing PP or Fireline with what kind of knots?

What are the best knots for tying leaders, bait rigs, jigs and lures? I can tie the Palomar, improved clinch (which Tiderunner & Wetzel advise against when using PP), and a mono loop for lures. Sorry for the verbosity.
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Are you using a barrel swivel

I'm a little lost on your quest?
Do you use a barrel swivel.You have to use one,it reduces line twist,I've never heard of any one not using one.
Please explain your set up a little better.
Stop tying directly to the line.

On what knots I use.With every line comes a different knot,But I prefere the Palomar.As to my leader size.All depends where I am fishing,If I'm on a rock in tauk,its at least 48"(Flouro).It all depends my freind.
You must know go out & buy 60# barrel swivels.Stop casting knots through your guides you will damage them.Any little thing will cause wear on your guides,it might not look like it but it is,believe me.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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