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long leaders & knots

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I've been hearing different advice about leaders and their use in certain applications. I use a 10' St. Croix w/ a Shimano Sedona 6000 spinning reel spooled with either 15 or 20 lb. test (I forget the brand- a Japanese name).

I was using a 30# mono leader about 4' long via blood knot, but when I cast, the knot tended to hit the tip guide and slow down. Would a longer leader help this when casting? I read someone using 10'. Also, the knot picked up a lot of grass & etc. I thought using a leader would help against big run-offs. I discarded the leader after a well-known B&T shop owner told me I was fine w/o a leader w/my set up.

What are you guys using out there in similar set ups? I'm guessing PP or Fireline with what kind of knots?

What are the best knots for tying leaders, bait rigs, jigs and lures? I can tie the Palomar, improved clinch (which Tiderunner & Wetzel advise against when using PP), and a mono loop for lures. Sorry for the verbosity.
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When I started surf casting a year ago, I didn't like having a lot of line off of the end of my tip. So I tied direct also and reeled the knot into the first guide. With Fireline, I use an Albright Special with the braid doubled. With Power Pro, I will use the same knot or a Uni-to-Uni. I think the Albright is stronger, but it catches on the guide a little more. You can also tie a locking knot after the Albright. They show you how in the Power Pro packaging.

When I would cast with the tied on leaders, I would only reel the knot in past the tip, not the next guide down or else it would snag on itself.

Gradually I have become more comfortable casting the long leaders off the tip and now I use a swivel, 50 or 80 pound Spro's with a three to four foot flouro leader. I attach the swivel to the braid, by making a loop with a Spider Hitch and then use an Offshore Swivel knot to attach the swivel. To attach the Flouro, 20 or 40 # depending on rod I am using, I use an Improved Clinch knot to the swivel, and a loop knot to attach the snap.

The loop knot is made by starting an overhand knot than placing the tag end through the snap. Now run the tag end back through the overhand knot the same way it came from. Wrap the line around the standing line twice and return it through the overhand knot again. It is kind of like a bolon with a few variations. I am sure this has a name but I don't know it.

It sounds like a lot of knots, but they are each fairly easy and fast to tie on.

If I was using 20 pound mono, I wouldn't bother with a leader unless I was fishing around rocks or off a jetty. But like I said, I have only been at this a little over a year now, so you may want to follow the advice of others.
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