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long leaders & knots

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I've been hearing different advice about leaders and their use in certain applications. I use a 10' St. Croix w/ a Shimano Sedona 6000 spinning reel spooled with either 15 or 20 lb. test (I forget the brand- a Japanese name).

I was using a 30# mono leader about 4' long via blood knot, but when I cast, the knot tended to hit the tip guide and slow down. Would a longer leader help this when casting? I read someone using 10'. Also, the knot picked up a lot of grass & etc. I thought using a leader would help against big run-offs. I discarded the leader after a well-known B&T shop owner told me I was fine w/o a leader w/my set up.

What are you guys using out there in similar set ups? I'm guessing PP or Fireline with what kind of knots?

What are the best knots for tying leaders, bait rigs, jigs and lures? I can tie the Palomar, improved clinch (which Tiderunner & Wetzel advise against when using PP), and a mono loop for lures. Sorry for the verbosity.
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for what its worth.

swivel definately at the top of the leader between fireline and leader using palomar (cant beat it). This keeps the Hardware away from the beast. Length of leader largely dependent on casting method but assuming your not pendulum casting from land than I have to assume a reasonably short leader of about 30-40 inches. shorter will cast longer. Terminal end is debateable but I have caught more fish on direct tie on to lure using correct knot that allows for lure swing than I have with various clips at that end. If I use a clip I DO NOT add another barrel swivel. My belief is one is enough and less hardware means fewer spooked fish. The opposite POV is that in the heat of things you want to be able to quick change lures and not continually shorten the leader each time you clip and tie on a new lure.
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