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long island catfish/ bullhead

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What is a good place to catch catfish/bullhead that is within a twenty tothirty minute drive from the bethpage area. I just got back from pennsylvania and after catching a lot of catfish and bullhead I really want to keep doing it. They give a great fight, especially on light tackle and they are just fun to catch. Thanks for any info.
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if u have seen my post i am looking for the same answer, just came from maine and wanted to catch some catfish on LI really bad.look at my post every so often to see if anybody commented on mine and u will get some answers.
hey, was just looking on the Dec website and found that there is some bullhead at blydenburg lake(a.k.a New Mill Pond or Stump Pond)... I have fished here many times for Bass, Perch, bluegills, and such, but never caught a bullhead. Now i have never targeted bullhead, but mabey next time. I have never fished for bullhead and have done very little catfishing, what should I use and how should i fish this??
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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