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long island catfish/ bullhead

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What is a good place to catch catfish/bullhead that is within a twenty tothirty minute drive from the bethpage area. I just got back from pennsylvania and after catching a lot of catfish and bullhead I really want to keep doing it. They give a great fight, especially on light tackle and they are just fun to catch. Thanks for any info.
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freshwater clams

i have a stream in my backyard and it empties off into a 5 foot deep, 10 ft radius "hole" where all the sunnies hang out probably because of the fresh water running through, but there are also bullheads and eels to 5 feet there and i have clams in my stream, i cracked one open and put it on hoping for eels but the bullheads went absolutely crazy for them so if u can get any of these clams i would reccomend them saltwater clams prolly work good too
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